This is a colorful listing of questiones: When you tend to answer a lot of them with yes, please do not hesitate to contact me for a fruitful discussion.

This car on the picture is not a Volkswagen series production car.


History does not replicate.


I am experienced with human nature and I do not need to concern with the 16 personality profiles.


Leaders should keep enough distance to represent seniority.


High return rates are an important indicator for the sustainability of a company or the society.


I do not know the books of Gerd Gigerenzer.


Senior managers and leaders are about the same.


I do not know, who wrote "The 7 habbits of highly effective people".

Johann Wolfgang Goethe:

The truth must be repeated all the time, because the falsity around us is preached again and again, in fact not by individuals, but by the regiment. In newspapers and encyclopedia, in schools and universities, everywhere the falsity is on top, and the falsity feels well and comfortable, in the sense of reflecting the majority, who is on its side.

(My translation).

Project milestones must be achieved, before moving on.


The know how is within the departments for development, purchase, production, sales and finance.


The projekt managers are mainly coordinationg and can be exchanged quite easily.


Chinese medicine is mainly acupuncture and does not meet the western standards of sciences.


Trendy solutions are a must have for competitiveness, better than unique solutions, that can not be benchmarked so easily and might be expensive.


Dietary change due to health reasons means suffering from abstinence.


Less hierarchie and "slim structures" increase efficiency.

Senior management and leaders up to the board should regularly jump on different jobs, for a wider view, more experience, and not to become nerds.


In case of doubt, I talk to the departments directly.


A Pancha Karma treatment is kind of esoteric and wellness. Over all, only the western medicine is scientific.


The books of the nobel price scientists "Briggs und Peat" about the chaos theory (like Turbulent Mirror) are only relevant to scientists / engineers.


Advisors do provide analysis and information, so decisions can be made by yourself / company people.


F&E spend must not exceed benchmarks like e.g. 6%.


Sales knows best what the customer wants and takes a leading role in defining product books for future products.


Decisions in projects must meet economic targets. Therefore tough financial targets are required and decisions can be made on numbers.


In my company, we talk about "Human Resources".


Brand missions are inferior to financial figures.

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