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Advisory & Consulting Firm 

for Start Ups, Special Missions, Personal Coaching, Mentoring, Change & Leadership, Digitisation, Project Management


Welcome to the CONTRAЯIAN GmbH

Founder & CEO: Dirk Nessenius. 


As an Engineer with the German degree "Dipl.-Ing." I bring more than 30 years experience as engineer, senior project leader and member of the leadership team within several companies of the automotive industry.

Today I am supporting Start Ups of the digital scene in Berlin.


This webpage tries to express my all-round expertise and the "Quizz" and "About me" gives more insight:

  • I understand myself as an advisor / consultant for special jobs, with technical as well as organisational nature. And also for change and leadership.
  • In addition, I give you support for your strategic directions in times of digitiziation.
  • Of course, my two homes in Vordorf and Berlin are connected to one network and are "smart" in many ways.
  • I am a professional project leader in terms of doing and in terms of structural and organisational questions.
  • Besides I work as personal coach and mentor for business and health.
  • To be free-spirited outside the trends is important to me.


Please do not hesitate to contact me !


I am happy to drop in without obligation, for an appraisal together with you:

A first assessment and to get an idea about what needs to be done. 




Dirk Nessenius




Head Office:

D-38533 Vordorf

private residence in Berlin

To free up power

with an attentive view and open words.

Action following ethical principels.

The different kind of advice

Contrarian means nonconformist. Who is doing what everybody does will achieve about the same results. Differentation is a successfactor, as Porter already described in his strategies. And to question everything does not mean by default the necessity of introducing trendy receipes, but means also to identify proven methods.

Change with - not against the Staff

Together we are strong !

Please do not hesitate to contact me !

I am happy to stop by, for a non-binding first evaluation:

For first analysis and to explore possible options. 



Dirk Nessenius


Sprechen Sie mich an !

Ich komme gerne unverbindlich vorbei, um eine Bestandsaufnahme mit Ihnen durchzuführen:

Für erste Einschätzungen und das Ausloten notwendiger Schritte. 



Dirk Nessenius


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